A Community-Driven Project

We're focused on more than just another NFT pump and dump. Holders of the Ethereal Pass will enjoy exclusive access to wearables found nowhere else that can be donned and flexed in the Metaverse. Those who hold an Ethereal Pass have whitelist rights for future drops by Ethereal Studios and will benefit from regular air drops among other benefits in the future. Finally, each member will instantly become part of our team helping to shape overall direction, decisions on new drops, and most importantly how we grow our community. We have big plans for purchasing even more land in the MetaVerse and "MetaMirroring" IRL studios as we move into 2022, so this is one you do not want to miss.


100% Utility

A huge gap exists currently within the NFT space where utility is oftentimes thought of secondarily with your typical pump and dump project. Our approach is the opposite: our holders will enjoy 100% utility and value as well as governance and voting rights for future drops, direction of our project, as well as overall strategy. The Ethereal Pass is essentially an equity token to holders as ALL secondary sale proceeds funnel directly back to our community wallet. We aim to provide value and grow the community based on the communities decisions. For example, if you're vibing with a specific project, or see an opportunity to add more value, we have all the resources to make it happen.

Unlock Metaverse Wearables

Our initial drop will focus on arguably the most important wearable in the MetaVerse: The Mask. As previously stated, our team has a strong connection to Hashmasks, so it is only natural we would start there. We will drop masks to all holders shortly after initial public sale as well as continue drops incrementally moving forward early and often. We plan to continue to expound on wearable concepts outside of masks, but this will be driven by the community and developed for our community as a benefit for holding an Ethereal Pass.

Exclusive Discord Access
Join the conversation and meet the community.
Voting & Governance
You help shape the direction of Ethereal Pass.
White Listing
Upon sellout, we will be investing in avatars, wearables, gaming. Having a pass ensures you will not miss out.
Commercial Rights
75% of secondary sales will go to a charity of the communities choice. 25% goes to Ethereal Pass operations.

Oct 29-31

Win a rare Virgin Hashmask at Metaverse Music Festival

Ethereal Pass holders who participate in the Metaverse Music Festival scavenger hunt will have the chance to win this Virgin Hashmask #13823 upon pass sellout. If not sold out prior, scavenger hunt will be a separate event.

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The Roadmap

The Ethereal Pass sellout rate will unlock portions of the roadmap.


Launch of Ethereal Pass


Giveaways and air drops for holders


Metaverse Music Festival (MVMF) partnership


Ethereal Pass holder community governance  


Community wallet setup


Exclusive MetaVerse events for holders


Additional 'Right to Buy' drops as well as air drops for holders


Purchase of land in DCL, Sandbox, and MetaVerse


Merchandising rollout


IRL "MetaMirror" location grand opening

The Team

An Enterprise Managed Services Director based in North America. Passionate technology leader focused on value added services. Enjoys mentoring and complex problem solving.
Bringing experience in big data analysis and software development. He has a PhD in electrical engineering. He strongly believes in the union of art, technology and community.
A passionate technologist with experience launching 2 successful companies.  He ran a crypto farm in the past and loves cyber security.
A Product Designer and Digital Artist with experiencing designing and shipping various products and experiences.


How can I buy an Ethereal Pass?

Mint directly from our website or head over to Opensea (hyperlink) to buy on the secondary market.

When will public sale begin?


What is the total supply?

A total of 2,222 Ethereal Passes will created.

What will it cost to mint an Ethereal Pass?

.22eth + gas

Will there be a Pre-Sale?

There will not be a pre-sale. Our project and community are different and the value of being a holder is not a gimmick nor a pump and dump. We reward members with long-term equity and real utility.

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